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Tailored alignment of the solution with the specific needs, processes and people involved are our hallmark differentiators. We carefully architect, design and craft solutions that leverage technology and methodology to meet and exceed your business needs; producing solutions that make these goals reality.
Responsive, flexible and scalable solutions do not happen accidentally. We ensure them by employing engineering discipline while adhering to repeatable methodologies throughout the Software Lifecycle. From project management, through final user acceptance, and extending throughout sustainment and maintenance; we engineer for success.
Ensuring that the fit and function of your solution meets your needs is our primary objective. Our iterative delivery and highly interactive agile implementation approach ensures early and frequent opportunities for our customers to see progress and shape the results. Testing is continuous and thorough, ensuring quality deliverables.
Delivered solutions frequently become critical to the success and ongoing operations of our customers. With this in mind, we enable you to rest easy; with confidence that proactive maintenance is in place to support your ongoing needs while also providing access to fixes, updates and enhancements to capabilities.
About Us

AbilSoft is a full service software engineering, design, and implementation services supplier located in Colorado Springs, CO. Incorporated in 2001, AbilSoft's innovative software consultancy focuses on delivering robust, high-utility and tailored solutions to both commercial and federal customers. Our experience, track record of successful projects, collaborative and flexible approach, and our uncommon commitment to quality in everything that we do differentiate us from other software consulting firms.

We specialize in Cloud based and Net-Centric business intelligence, data analysis, collaboration, electronic integration, and decision support systems. Our business intelligence, measurement and analysis systems support the analysis and optimization of business processes, providing "digital dashboard" indicators that enable critical insights, quick and accurate decisions and what-if analysis. Collaboration and workflow automation systems streamline processes providing efficiency and cohesive operations. Electronic integration systems enable automatic and secure information collection, correlation and exchange with your valued customers, partners and vendors.

Through the development of distributed systems, we connect our clients with their customers, partners and/or vendors. This "connection" enables collaboration, information collection and exchange leading to overall greater efficiencies and effectiveness. More than just raw data, we strive to empower our clients to discern and leverage the critical information, insights and trends that are critical to their success.

We pride ourselves in leveraging technology to build practical and successful solutions to your needs. Our methodologies design and build for flexibility and reliability from the ground up, as we are aware that "the only constant is change" in today's rapidly evolving environment. We carefully craft our solutions to integrate seamlessly with your desired processes; allowing you to maximize the benefits and efficiencies they create.

Let us help you harness the power of technology and help you to realize your business goals!


Our mission is to enable your success by providing solutions that improve the ability to access and leverage your information assets, increase your efficiency and enhance your relationship with your customers.

Data to Wisdom

Our philosophy is to combine your business expertise with our technical experience to develop successful solutions in areas including e-commerce, customer care, decision support, workflow/process automation and command and control systems. The resulting synergies deliver high quality results that are tailored to your business needs and processes.

Service Offerings

AbilSoft services are are designed to provide you with the methodologies and experience that will lead to successful outcomes. They are also designed to be tailored and flexibly combined to meet your business needs, environment and desires.

Software Engineering
We employ engineering discipline and methodologies throughout the entire project lifecycle: including project management, requirements definition, analysis & design, implementation and production operations.
We will develop an architectural solution to your needs that will be designed to incorporate all of your requirements and applicable environmental or business concerns. As we undrestand that "the only constant is change", we develop architectures to adaptive to your changing needs and resilient in the face of potential unforseen conditions.
User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) Design
We devise intuitive and responsive user interfaces and experiences that efficiently depict, display and collect the associated information while making the desired actions readily available and intuitive to interact with.
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
We leverage the best of agile and object oriented methodologies throughout the project to ensure that your system will be effective, resilient to change and flexible in light of potential future requirements.
Agile Implementation
Our iterative implementation methodology ensures that you will have early and frequent opportunities to interact with and provide feedback regarding your system.
We can provide thorough testing services to ensure that the system has met each of the requirements and that the functionality works cohesively.
Enhancement & Maintenance
Once your system has been deployed in production, this service is designed to accommodate any enhancement requests and/or handling of critical maintenance activities.
Process Analysis, Mapping and Improvement
We collaboratively work with the key stakeholders within your organization and/or partner organizations to develop a comprehensive big-picture view of the various moving parts, concerns, processes, exchanges, and actors involved in your system (or system of systems as is frequently the case). We develop a Solution Design Diagram (SDD) as a key communication facilitator throughout this process.

network The SDD paints a picture of the end-to-end user solution in the user’s language. It is a communication facilitator between solution architects (designers), developers/builders and customers, allowing the designers to clearly show an understanding of the customers’ needs. It provides the big-picture context against which a solution or set of solutions can be proposed and the effectiveness/completeness of proposed solutions weighed. It is an interactive tool, not just a deliverable, and when complete provides the “compass” or “vision” that guides any proposed solution or set of solutions. Solution Proposals that “answer” an SDD can include software, policies, and business process improvements that together show a business/user how their objectives can be successfully accomplished.

Science Behind the SDD…

More people naturally process information “Top Down” than “Bottom Up”
meaning people need to understand the context or big picture in order to fully understand the details. (traditional requirements do this very poorly)
Pictures Matter for Meaning
Pictures, if used correctly (making sure images are representative and “iconic”), are decoded more universally than words.
Pictures Matter for Efficiency
A picture paints 1000 words, and even if some of the images represent a few less than 1000, they are far more efficient than words.
SDD Overview
QuickBooks™ Integrator

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Extending the Conversation

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AbilSoft is a group of highly experienced Software Engineers specializing in the design, development and implementation of enterprise level distributed solutions. We leverage leading edge technologies such as Angular, MEAN, JavaScript, Node, Java, REST, Serverless Cloud, Microservices and ESB to build successful and practical solutions to your business needs.

Our collective experience spans industries as diverse as telecommunications, health care, finance, manufacturing, cable and telecom, music, entertainment, scientific and government systems. The common thread is the need for high quality, maintainable, scalable distributed solutions. Over the years, we have developed extensive experience with the challenges presented in the full life cycle of such systems. More importantly, we know how to help you realize the benefits of using these technologies while minimizing your risks.


Our highly experienced engineers are hand selected for their industry experience and proven technical abilities. They understand how to apply their technical skills to your benefit and are focused on solving real world problems. Each embodies an unrelenting pursuit for quality in combination with a professional approach to assure that we enable your success.


Our methodology revolves around a consultative and iterative process of rapid prototyping and incremental functionality delivery. This approach maximizes your ability to interact with the system throughout the development process. The ability to interact with the system and test it's fit with your business processes provides you with opportunities to make key solution/process insights that may well lead to optimizations that otherwise would not have been identified until much later in the life cycle of the system.


The goal of each iteration (trip through the high-level steps depicted above) is to produce a functional and potentially releasable subset of functionality. Each successive iteration will focus on a manageable portion of the desired end-state functionality and will build upon and/or refine the preceding ones, providing ever increasing capabilities and features.

Feature Prioritization, Planning
Our goal is to deliver the highest priority features and functionality as early as possible. With this in mind, we collaborate with you to plan upcoming efforts through actor definition, user story elaboration, sprint planning, backlog grooming and epic definition activities (for the longer lead time/higher complexity items) so that continued and efficient progress can also be made in those areas. These regularly occurring (typically semi-weekly) prioritization and planning activities provide you with frequent and ongoing opportunities to "adjust course" should your needs or circumstances require it. The main goals in this area are to:
  • Ensure that we are emphasizing those items you hold as most important at the time
  • Ensure that all of the necessary prerequisites exist to enable efficient progress on those items
  • Align resources with specific and achievable efforts
  • Maintain a forward-looking awareness of upcoming and longer-term feature/capabilities
Rapid Prototyping, User Story Definition
During this phase, we are endeavoring to quickly develop simple mock-ups and/or proof of concepts of those items that have been prioritized for the current (or in very complex cases, a future) iteration. In so doing, we provide you with a relatively quick and inexpensive means of ensuring that we are headed in the right direction. We believe it is far easier to look at such a mock-up in order to validate that it will have a high probability of meeting the desired form, fit and functionality than it is to express this through exhaustive (and almost always out-of-date before they are finished) formal requirements documents. Our goals here are to:
  • Provide a simple mock-up of a new feature/capability to build confidence that we have understood the desired feature/capability correctly
  • Provide a preliminary/rough idea of how the feature/functionality will look/feel, behave and fit into the big picture - providing you with an opportunity to recognize any unforeseen and/or forgotten implications early in the process - before things have progressed too far - so that any necessary course corrections can be made as early and efficiently as possible.
  • Use the mock-ups and proof of concepts, in combination with ongoing project team, stakeholder and subject matter expert discussions, to efficiently capture minimally sufficient details in order to enable forthcoming implementation efforts.
Solution Design
This phase can frequently overlap with the preceding phase and often extends on the efforts and outputs produced there. As such, the delineation between the two phases is frequently blurry and somewhat fluid. However, one clear defining factor that denotes this step is that we have transitioned from working on mock-ups to designing the ultimate implementation solution. This may entail further refinement of user interface elements, interactions, algorithms, calculations and reports.
Solution Implementation
As progressively defined and refined through the mock-ups, ongoing discussions and deign elements that have preceded them, a 'permanent' (of course, subsequent iterations me refine/replace this, if needed) solution is developed to deliver the full functionality, experience and capabilities as are required for a given story.
Solution Validation & Measurement
This final, yet most important, step in the iterative cycle is where the solution is thoroughly tested to verify that it functions and performs as desired. Any deviations are either fixed in-place or added to the backlog for subsequent iteration planning activities prior to the delivery of the completed capabilities for end-user evaluation and utilization.

network Throughout and in combination with our process, we are codifying our 'big-picture' understanding in our Solution Description Diagram (SDD). The SDD paints a picture of the end-to-end user solution in the user’s language. It is a communication facilitator between solution architects (designers), developers/builders and customers, allowing the designers to clearly show an understanding of the customers’ needs. It provides the big-picture context against which a solution or set of solutions can be proposed and the effectiveness/completeness of proposed solutions weighed. It is an interactive tool, not just a deliverable, and when complete provides the “compass” or “vision” that guides any proposed solution or set of solutions. Solution Proposals that “answer” an SDD can include software, policies, and business process improvements that together show a business/user how their objectives can be successfully accomplished.

Science Behind the SDD…

More people naturally process information “Top Down” than “Bottom Up”
meaning people need to understand the context or big picture in order to fully understand the details. (traditional requirements do this very poorly)
Pictures Matter for Meaning
Pictures, if used correctly (making sure images are representative and “iconic”), are decoded more universally than words.
Pictures Matter for Efficiency
A picture paints 1000 words, and even if some of the images represent a few less than 1000, they are far more efficient than words.
SDD Overview
  • Angular, AngularJS
  • SPA, Bootstrap, Yarn, PhoneGap
  • AWS, Serverless, Cloud
  • Node
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Threading, concurrency
  • JavaScript
  • Web 2.0, Seam, MyFaces, RichFaces
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Groovy
  • Grunt, Maven, Ant
  • Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, JUnit
  • CI/CD
  • RxJS, Reactive Programming
  • React
  • REST, SOA, Web Services
  • TypeScript
  • Microservices
  • Patterns
  • Jersey
  • ESB, Mule
  • Hibernate, JDBC
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • ETL
  • Linux
  • Functional Programming
  • WildFly, JBoss, WebLogic
  • MEAN Stack
  • Algorithms
  • GraphQL
  • Sencha, ExtJS
  • Agile, XP, Scrum, Kanban, UML, RUP
  • Google Earth and KML
  • NASA World Wind
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Object Oriented A&D
  • Apache/Tomcat/Catalina
  • Software Architecture/Design
  • C/C++

Todd was initially added to our team to assist with our front end development efforts using the Google Angular library; an area where he is very knowledgeable. He has consistently and efficiently contributed important functionality to our project beginning with adding the ability for artists to easily add Social Feed and Facebook Page plugin features to their site via our centerpiece Site Builder capability. He also created custom components providing our users easy and intuitive access to help and support information across our offerings via a Help Scout integration. As our software is rather complex, including many options, configurations and required steps; this is essential functionality to assist our users as they on-board onto our platform and beyond in order to fully understand and optimally leverage our offerings.

One of the biggest pieces he was responsible for is the Transactions Register capability. As a main goal of our platform is to enable music creators to be better compensated for their efforts, visibility into both the total amounts owed to them as well as the specific transactions that contribute to that balance are of paramount importance. This register details the money that is exchanged both within and outside of our system. As such, its strict accounting, high security including multi-factor authentication and proper procedures and compliance are critical attributes to our success. Todd designed and implemented a full-stack, end-to-end solution for this leveraging fully serverless AWS capabilities on the back end and Angular components on the front end. Additionally, a direct integration with the PayPal API allows a member of our admin team to click one button and transfer data to PayPal including all money amounts to be credited to the music creator’s paypal accounts. Todd created a way for music creators to attach their PayPal accounts so that there is no doubt we are transferring money into the correct PayPal account.

Todd understands and deeply cares about our business and how to effectively use technology to contribute to our success. Todd has been a great asset to our project and I look forward to using him again for future needs.

Greg Allen, CEO
Patron Empowerment, Inc, owner of the Rhythmic Rebellion project.
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Todd and I worked together to develop a new enterprise tool to satisfy business process needs. He was officially our UI/UX lead, but served in a much greater capacity as a voice of reason and experience. He is among one of the top collaborators I have come across in the development world and is 100% focused on understanding the business problems we were trying to solve. Once he understands, he rapidly delivers and offers options and well thought out opinions. He comes with a wealth of experience up the entire stack, but is also very skilled at working as a leader within challenging team and business constraints. I highly recommend Todd as an addition to any product development team, and would gladly work with him again.

Spondon Hazarika
Wireless and Cable Leader, Innovator and Problem Solver

AbilSoft responded to a critical need in national defense in a timely and accurate manner. The AbilSoft team delivered the requested product and consulting in a way that exceeded Northrop Grumman's expectations with value in both cost and execution.

Chief Scientist Electronic Fires
Northrop Grumman | Aerospace Systems

I've had the pleasure of working with AbilSoft on several projects responsible for developing and fielding mission critical systems for the Department of Defense. In each instance, their team has exhibited the highest level of competence in mastering technologies to develop systems that meet mission needs for our customer without built-in limitations.

Throughout the project lifecycle, they have maintained a focus on potential future mission and technology evolutions; designing the system to be adaptable to changing needs, unanticipated usages and future technology enhancements . Both of our companies have benefited from their expertise, commitment to the mission, and ability to perform at exceptional levels in a high-stress environment. I look forward to a long-term and fruitful relationship with AbilSoft.

Cliff Flowers
Project Manager
Lockheed Martin

As a fledgling security software company, we have had a distinct need to show quick time-to-market for our vision as it relates to our product suite. In addition, we needed a mechanism by which we could demonstrate the potential of our value proposition to our investors and early customers.

While we have our own development staff, we soon realized that we would benefit from outside assistance to fully leverage the J2EE architecture -- core to the vision of the Ensuren suite. AbilSoft helped us see the potential of J2EE as it applied to our vision, and helped us shape its implementation to bring the power of J2EE to bear.

We have benefited immensely in working with AbilSoft to realize the potential of our ideas. AbilSoft continues to assist us greatly by leveraging their expertise in distributed systems and J2EE architecture. With our combined expertise, we have been able to take Ensuren's vision of a next-generation security suite and transform it into a working reality. AbilSoft has been much more than just an outsourced development resource -- AbilSoft has been invaluable in helping shape our product architecture and implementation.

Stephen Wostal
Chief Engineer
Ensuren Corporation

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Todd Gould at High Speed Access. Todd was a very important member of my software development team. Our mission was to create customer care, billing and automated provisioning software. Our applications are written in Java and employ a distributed architecture using CORBA, Servlets and an Oracle database.

Todd was instrumental in the redesign of our email, dialup and webspace provisioning tools. Todd did an excellent job of thoroughly understanding our customer needs and accurately developing software solutions to customer requirements. His object oriented design and programming skills, along with his knowledge of distributed software architecture and the Java programming language have made a significant positive impact to our company. Todd is a very strong software engineer and consistently delivers high quality software products.

I highly recommend Todd as a software engineer whose ability to understand customer needs and put them into action makes him a rare commodity. Todd is a conscientious worker with an excellent work ethic, and I would like to have the opportunity to work with Todd in the future!

Douglas Nield
Manager of Provisioning Development
High Speed Access

I've worked with Todd Gould of AbilSoft for almost two years now on what is arguably one of the most important software projects in the United States today: the rewrite of the Department of Defense programs that protect our land from air and missile threats at Cheyenne Mountain AB, Colorado Springs. I am constantly impressed with his knowledge, expertise and motivation. He consistently produces thoughtful designs and efficient implementations. There doesn't seem to be a technical subject he doesn't know about and hasn't tried. In particular, his knowledge of J2EE, servlets, JSP, web services, and Object Oriented Analysis and Design techniques have been valuable for our projects.

Todd has a keen sense of "what's right" that he applies as the guiding principle for all software and managerial decisions; this characteristic alone makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Always forward thinking, he often originates discussions that lead to direction changes that improve our development and production environments. He generates well-designed and well-tested code quickly and independently. His in-depth knowledge of new technologies allows us to be at the cutting edge without being at the bleeding edge. The bottom line? AbilSoft provides the absolute highest level of technical services imaginable. I couldn't be happier!

Fernando de la Cuadra
FGM, Inc.
Enterprise Database DAIM Lead












AbilSoft's project methodology is supported by three primary pillars of engagement. These pillars are engineered to maximize your project's success and minimize your risks.

1. Technology Introduction
Let AbilSoft bring your team up-to-speed with the latest technologies. Our "learn through doing" approach is based on the active use of the technology on scaled down, real-world problems customized to meet your needs. The mentoring and experience provided by our engineers, reduces the learning curve and reduces overall project risk and wasted effort.

2. Team Augmentation
AbilSoft will work along-side your team to achieve your project's goals, mentoring them throughout so that, upon completion, they will have a full understanding of the solution and the technologies involved. This approach jump-start's your ability to make meaningful progress towards your end goals while also minimizing your risks associated with challenging technologies/projects through the expertise and experience we bring to the effort.

By providing first-hand exposure to the technologies/methodologies, as our experienced engineers lead and mentor your team through the process, we reduce the learning curve and leverage the solutions' benefits more rapidly.

Alternatively, we can take care of all of the technical concerns, allowing your team to focus on the business and process aspects of the project.

3. Project Implementation
AbilSoft will handle all of the technical details required to deliver a successful solution to your needs while collaborating with your team to ensure a close fit with your business model and processes.

Each of the pillars can be combined and customized to meet your needs. AbilSoft is always there to support your success!


AbilSoft employees are distinguished by their unrelenting pursuit of solutions that exceed requirements and maximize the benefits they were designed to deliver. We foster an innovative, collaborative, and fun working environment. If you are a self-motivated, customer-focused team player desiring to join other intelligent and dedicated people in building innovative high utility solutions, AbilSoft may be just the place for you.

AbilSoft staffing needs generally fall into the following categories:

AbilSoft is presently seeking candidates for Angular, JavaScript, React, Node, AWS, GCP, Java, Spring, J2EE, REST, Mule and C#, .Net software engineer position(s).

If you are interested and qualified in the above areas, please forward your resume, availability and contact information to jobs@abilsoft.com

AbilSoft Incorporated is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. If you need assistance or an accommodation during the application process because of a disability, it is available upon request. Hiring, transferring and promotion practices are performed without regard to the above listed items.


AbilSoft provides several public domain applications for your use, productivity and pleasure. These products represent various aspects of our engineering capabilities and are intended to provide useful and intuitive functionality to you. These products are maintained and enhanced on an ongoing basis by our staff. Enhancements are generally made in response to user requests.

If you use one of our applications and derive value from it, please consider making a contribution towards their maintenance and enhancement. We do not charge any fee for access, use or support of these applications. However, these applications do take ongoing resources to run and maintain in the form of computer resources, internet access, engineering efforts, etc. if you wish to contribute to the further development in these areas, we will welcome your donation. In particular, if you have a specific feature and/or enhancement request, this is an excellent way to make your request known. Of course, we will continue to support these applications without charge. However, anyone who contributes will be given priority over other requests as well as our personal one-on-one support. Even if you choose not to contribute, we welcome all of your thoughts, suggestions and feedback at the following address: contact

To make a contribution, simply click on one of the icons at the top or bottom of the page.


Please know that all of your contributions are handled securely by PayPal. AbilSoft will never see or have any access to your credit card or other means of payment. PayPal uses industry standard security technology to protect your information from theft or fraud. For further information, please consult the PayPal's Security Center.

Thank You!


We appreciate your contribution very much and look forward to continuing to serve your needs. Should you need further information or just wich to drop us a line, please feel free to contact us: Contact


Thank you for considering making a contribution. Should you have any questions or concerns or need any further information, please feel free to contact us: Contact


We would love to hear from you! Please contact us with any comments, questions or requests for further information.

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